An engine heater is an electric device which heats the cylinder block of a combustion engine. It assures an easy start-up of the engine in all exploitation conditions. It eliminates problems resulting from starting up a cold engine. It can be applied in every combustion engine. Read more >>

We offer various types of EPS ELEKTROWARM heaters - gravitation heaters, pump heaters and direct heaters to the engine block.

Gravitation engine block heater, model: D-12-850T and D-12-PC1000T

Action of the heater is based on a free, gravitation circulation of the heated liquid. It has no moving parts and this is why it works silently and without breakdown. It is an alternative for a pump heater. The heated, lighter liquid moves up and it is replaced by sucked heavier, cold liquid. Natural circulation takes place in the cooling system, so that the entire engine block is heated.

The device is switched to the engine cooling system, between the lower rubber conduit, connecting the cooler with the engine block and the conduit supplying the car heater (D-12-850T) Read more >>, or only to the lower conduit connecting the cooler with the engine block (D-12-PC1000T) Read more >> in a precisely specified manner, presented in pictures and described in "service and connection manual" for the heaters. In particular, it may be used where there is a lot of space in the engine room.

Pump engine block heater, model: D-12-8002

A pump heater is a modern, quickly working heating device, whose purpose is heating the cylinder block in a combustion engine. It is equipped with an electric heater and a force pump. Its basic advantage is a compact structure, which provides the possibility of installation in every engine room. Read more >>

Engine block heater, model: Mercedes

A heater installed directly to the engine block is a model dedicated to passenger cars and delivery vans manufactured by Mercedes. Produced for over 30 years, it has gained recognition of its regular users. Read more >>

The EPS ELEKTROWARM engine block heaters are equipped with appliances controlling their work. They have CE certificates, are safe and reliable in use. Read more >>
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